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The Kincaid Karacter Company

For nearly 40 years, it has been our privilege to delight & entertain millions by designing & creating mascot costumes, puppets, sets, props, special effects, television programs, and unique live shows for a seeming endless variety of clients, audiences, and applications.

Although finally seeing the end product or service successfully launched is always gratifying, the experience of accompanying an idea on its journey from the drawing board to its first step into the real world is often just as rewarding…and a whole lot of fun.

With The Kincaid Karacter Channel, you’ll be transported to the front of the stage, onstage, and backstage for an entertaining 360’ view of who we are, what we do, how we do it, and where/who we do it for. On an ongoing basis, we’ll feature brand new programs about our newest projects, products, and services, as well as nostalgic clips from our company archives.

Some of our programming will be informative, some of it educational, some of it nostalgic, and some of it just plain funny & entertaining. Whether you’re a seasoned entertainment professional, an aspiring student of the entertainment arts, or simply just enjoy the fun & nostalgia that family entertainment provides, The Kincaid Karacter Channel is for you!

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Kincaid Karacter Channel 

Program Listings!

“Mascots Magnified"

An exclusive presentation of the Kincaid Karacter Channel, takes you inside the secret world of mascots for a never-before-seen look at these wacky entertainers and the whimsical lives they lead. You’ll learn the fascinating origins & histories of your favorite local & national mascots, hear hilarious anecdotes of their adventures (and misadventures), and tag along with them as they meet & greet the world at parades, sporting events, grand openings, theme parks, educational institutions, and charitable events.


 “The Mayhem Behind The Magic“

Join us for a “behind the scenes adventure” as various Kincaid Company artists reminisce about some of their most challenging(!) projects and the often hilarious- and harrowing-  stories of their creation.


 “Making Mascots..Making Memories"

Hilarious- and heartwarming- clips of Kincaid Karacter mascots doing what they do best…interacting with the public and creating smiles!


“Artworks” TV Episodes

Join host Doug Kincaid as you meet unique & fascinating artists and get an in depth look at their latest projects. 


“Krazy Karacter Commercials“

Laugh along with these hilarious- and often bizarre- television commercials featuring Kincaid Karacter Puppets, props, and set pieces. 


 "Kincaid Karacter Commentaries"

Laugh..and learn…about favorite Kincaid Karacter Company TV Shows and projects with our very own version of the “Director’s Commentary” section featured on nearly ever Movie & TV Show DVD.    


“Karacter Comments” 

Get the inside scoop, a behind the scenes peek, and the latest updates on a fascinating array of creative projects- including The Kincaid Karacter Company’s newest products and services- with these clips of select interviews with Kincaid Karacter Company artists, craftsmen, and promotional team members.


“Kincaid Karacter Mascot Class“

In these brief but highly informative video tutorials, mascot owners and performers discover important mascot safety tips, cleaning & repair advice, secrets of successful mascot performance, and ways to increase the overall effectiveness & cost efficiency of their mascot programs.  


“The Kincaid Karacter Chronicles“

Are you interested in nostalgia..as well as the hidden inner workings of the creative process? Then “The Kincaid Karacter Chronicles” is for you!  In each installment, we’ll open up our company archives and share with you the inside story of our favorite projects, products, and services of the past. Laughs, tears, creativity, imagination, long hours, hard work, highs & lows, and plenty of human drama…its all right here! 


 “Kincaid Karacter Can‘t Believes”

We’ve all heard the expression, “Looking back, I can’t believe I actually did that”. In honor of that spirit of adventure- and to celebrate our wonderful human knack for jumping feet first into things we’ve never tried before- we feature for your viewing pleasure some truly bizarre and unusual projects from our past that we’d never done before…and have never attempted since!


 “The Kincaid Karacter Puppets Live!”

Grab a front row seat and enjoy the funniest moments from our touring puppet company as they travel the world in search of audiences, laughs, good food, and adequate hotel rooms!  


 “Kincaid Karacter Crack-Ups“

A side-splitting selection of mascot & puppet bloopers, goofs, and slip-ups from our archives.