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To earn your trust and confidence as your favorite mascot vendor(!), we’ve worked very hard to put together this mascot website for you, trying to make it as detailed, informative, and educational as we could (not to mention updating it daily for you with the latest mascot products, services, and news). 

And, being a valued client (or future client), we know you’ve worked just as hard absorbing all the information on this site (over 800 photos & graphics alone). 

But we don’t ever want to forget that, although mascots are many things, they are nothing if not FUN! So it is in that spirit that we've created for you (and all your mascot team members) this Mascot Quiz Page, which we will change out ever so often with different tests to challenge your mascot memories, skills, and expertise. 

Each quiz will be themed to a different topic or theme- sometimes they will be centered around mascot safety, for example (a favorite topic of ours); at other times, mascot design and mascot cleaning, so feel free to cut, paste, and incorporate these quizzes if you like into your company/organization’s mascot training materials as a teaching aid (or take them on the plane with you to pass the time). At other times, however, they will be just plain nostalgic in nature and filled with mascot trivia. But, regardless of their theme, they will all be fun! 

So let’s take a break (you’ve earned it) and enjoy just that…with our latest mascot quiz. Grab a pen or pencil and a scrap piece of paper (and remember, no fair looking up answers online- your solemn promise, please, that all answers will come strictly from your head and nowhere else). All set? Then let’s get started! Jot down your answers one by one and then scroll down to see your scoring and rating. Good luck!    

The Nostalgic Food & Restaurant Mascot Quiz
Here’s a fun excursion down mascot memory lane and the days of your childhood as we quiz you about these famous Food & Restaurant mascots- and, yes, at one time or another ALL of these mascots appeared as mascot costumes!)

1. McDonald’s has a very famous mascot, Ronald McDonald, who made his debut in 1963. Everybody knows Ronald…but can you name at least 2 other McDonald’s mascots? (HINT- There are at least 5!)

2. The Pillsbury Company’s iconic mascot, “The Pillsbury Doughboy“, was seen extensively on television from 1965 to 2004. But that’s not actually his name..do you know it? 

3. Another mascot made famous by television is the little fellow in the Hawaiin shirt who promotes the great taste of his favorite beverage, Hawaiian Punch. Do you remember his name?

4. He’s hard to find now, but Pizza Hut once had a mascot…he was even featured on the sign on top of their restaurants for many years. Can you recall his name?


5. Everybody loved Burger Chef…and of course they had a mascot…but not so fast!  Everybody remembers his name was…“Burger Chef” (that would have been too easy). But can you recall the name of his smaller mascot sidekick?

6. The once popular and well known “Noid” mascot was introduced in 1986 and featured prominently in television and personal appearances by what well known pizza chain?

7. “Sonny the Cuckoo Bird”, introduced in 1962, continues to this day to “go cuckoo” for what famous childhood breakfast food?

8. Oh, wow, this one is really hard, so we apologize in advance. “Horatio Magellan Crunch”, better known as ‘Cap’n Crunch”, was introduced in 1963 by General Mills as the mascot of the famous (and yummy) cereal of the same name. But…can you recall the name of his ship? (HINT- it often appeared on the cereal box cover and was sometimes featured as a toy inside).

9. What was the name of the Starkist Tuna Mascot who was always admonished on television with the tagline “Starkist doesn’t want tunas with good taste… Starkist wants tunas that taste good?”.

10. Who doesn’t love Hostess pastries…and the world famous Twinkie? Long before Woody rode into town in “Toy Story”, “Twinkie the Kid” was perhaps one of the better known western mascots to most kids. But he didn’t have to face the bad guys alone…Twinkie the Kid shared his stagecoach with at least 6 (!) other Hostess mascots featured very prominently over the years. Can you name at least two of them? 


1. Mayor McCheese, the Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie the Early Bird, and The Fry Kids. They all lived in McDonaldland.


2.“Poppin' Fresh”. He has appeared in over 600 commercials and has a dog named “Flapjack”.


3. “Punchy”, created in 1961. He wears a red hat and blue & white striped shirt.


4. “Pizza Hut Pete”. 


5. Jeff. 


6. Domino’s Pizza.


7. General Mill’s “Cocoa Puffs”.


8. The SS Guppy, which the Cap’n sailed on the “Sea of Milk”.


9. Charlie. His regular attire includes a red Greek fisherman’s hat and thick black glasses.


10. Captain Cupcake, Fruit Pie the Magician, Happy Ho Ho, Chief Big Wheels, Chauncey Choco-dile, and King Ding Dong.


Your Mascot Score & Rating

0 Answers Correct- We don’t want to hurt your feelings, but are you from another planet maybe? :O 

1-3 Answers Correct- Hey…at least you gave it a shot! We appreciate that.

4-7 Answers Correct- Pretty Good! If only you’d eaten more breakfast cereal as a kid you would have done better……….L 

8-9 Answers Correct- Excellent! And don’t feel bad..the Cap’n Crunch & Pizza Hut questions were really HARD.

All 10 Answers Correct- WOW! You are a mascot guru and should come and run our company for us!