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The Kincaid Karacter “SHS” & “ABC” Mascot Inspection Programs

At The Kincaid Karacter Company, we’re dedicated to being your best mascot vendor resource in every way possible. And that means going far beyond just providing you with an excellent mascot costume in terms of design, materials, & construction; it means providing you as well with excellent mascot maintenance, safety consultation, and training programs.  

"K-TV" The Kincaid Karacter Channel on YouTube

Welcome to the official YouTube Channel
of The Kincaid Karacter Company

Have you ever wondered how mascots are born, what exactly they do when they‘re out & about, and where they go when they’re not performing?

“Mascots Magnified”an exclusive presentation of The Kincaid Karacter Channel, takes you inside the secret world of mascots for  a never-before-seen look at these wacky entertainers and the whimsical lives they lead. You’ll learn the fascinating origins & histories of your favorite local & national mascots, hear hilarious anecdotes of their adventures (and misadventures), and tag along with them as they meet & greet the world at parades, sporting events, grand openings, theme parks, educational institutions, and charitable events.

Each episode, we’ll focus on a different mascot for your entertainment, enlightenment, and enjoyment.  But, regardless of the featured mascots and the roles they play for their respective organizations-  be it goodwill ambassador, sports celebrity, charity figurehead, corporate icon, educational messenger, or just plain entertainer- “Mascots Magnified” will introduce you to these classic costume characters in a close-ip & personal way you’ve never seen. Whether you’re already a professional mascot owner/ performer interested in learning more about the mascot industry, an aspiring mascot owner/performer looking to become part of the mascot industry- or just a fan of this classic & popular art form- “Mascots Magnified” will always feature something special just for you.

So get ready to laugh. Get ready to learn. And always expect the unexpected.. whenever you see “Mascots Magnified”!

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The Kincaid Karacter Channel
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Kincaid Karacter AF Series 1 Display Mannequin                                                                                           
Maximize your Mascot…24 Hours a Day

Your mascot costume is an expensive investment- and to maximize that investment, your #1 goal, of course, is to utilize him as much as possible. But there’s catch….as a costume, he has to be worn to be effective. Without someone wearing him, he’s just a suit of expensive clothing hanging in a closet or packed in a box, sitting in a storeroom…and he’s not promoting your business or organization when he’s doing that.

stands for “Articulated Frame”- that means they perform like giant action figures. Their articulated construction allows you to pose your mascot in an endless number of “action” poses- running, jumping, swinging a golf club, etc; when mounted on an AF Figure, your mascot can even be posed with his arms outstretched on either side, so that your fans & visitors can run right up & pose with him for photos (and AF Figures fill our your mascot costume so realistically, it’s doubtful the public will ever know that there’s not a real person in there). 

So why utilize your expensive mascot just part of the time when you can be using him all of the time? Add an AF Figure to your mascot program today and see what a 24 hour a day performer can do for you!

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All-In-One Kincaid Karacter Mascot Carrying/Shipping Case

Let’s face it- trash bags and battered cardboard boxes are great for holding trash and old junk- but your mascot costume, as a major promotional investment, deserves much better…the best possible protection at the best possible price.


Kincaid Karacter Cases feature a unique “box within a box” design that provides double-walled protection for your costume…and makes it impossible for the case to accidentally come open during shipment and transport. Constructed of lightweight yet extremely durable flexible corrugated plastic, Kincaid Karacter Cases feature all aluminum rivets and are extremely weather resistant in all temperatures- they will not crack or deteriorate.

* Lightweight..and easy to open, close, carry, & transport

* Customized in your company/organization colors and featuring your full color logo on the case…ABSOLUTELY FREE

These lightweight, durable, easy to handle cases are the perfect solution for your mascot storage & transport needs!

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